Business Overview

SANKYOMEAT INC. was established in September 1981 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Itoham Foods Inc.
The company operates a beef and pork production business. We conduct slaughtering and cutting operations and supply table meat to department stores, supermarkets, and meat specialty stores across the country through Itoham Foods Inc.

Product Production Flow

Cattle and pigs are raised by affiliated livestock farmers.

Fattening production of cattle and pigs is conducted at our affiliated farms.

After slaughtering and meat processing, the meat is shipped (SANKYOMEAT INC.)

After slaughtering and cutting treatment, meat is shipped to distribution centers of Itoham Foods Group.

The meat is processed into products and shipped to shops nationwide (Itoham Foods Inc.)

Distributed from distribution centers to sales offices and centers of Itoham Foods Group located nationwide.

To your tables

Products are delivered from our local sales offices to shops nationwide.

Expanding Overseas

We are also engaged in sales of beef and pork overseas.

Various criteria regarding hygiene management and equipment are required in order to ship products overseas. SANKYOMEAT INC. has installed state-of-the-art equipment from the EU in order to meet such criteria. Our tasty Japanese beef and pork is supplied to Europe and other countries of the world.