Message from the CEO

Thank you very much for visiting our new homepage of SANKYOMEAT INC.

Recently, due to the impact caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the way of consume meat both in Japan and abroad has been drastically changing. As Japan’ leading meat producing company, SANKYOMEAT INC. located in southern Japan, has been continuously producing and supplying beef and pork to other places in Japan and various countries throughout the world.

School children and students of various locations of Kagoshima will eat our SANKYOMEAT INC. Wagyu beef through the school lunch program provided by Kagoshima Prefecture. 

SANKYOMEAT INC. is committed to continuous contribution to the local community in various ways in the future.

In April last year we introduced and began operation of state-of-the art new pork plant . This new pork plant incorporates advanced European technology in meat processing. Although there were some difficulties in getting used to the highly advanced equipment at first, the plant has been operating smoothly thanks to the dedicated work of our team members.

Consequently, last year, we were able to increase the meat supply by almost 20 percent as compared to the previous year. This year, our team members are committed to making every effort to further increase the production volume.

In an area adjacent to our company, the new construction work of Fukuoka Unyu’s Kyushu Cold storage has begun. This center will incorporate Kyushu Extract Company, which produces meat extracts, and thus provides added value to local livestock resources, as well as Fukuoka Unyu Company, which revolutionized logistics from southern Japan.

Both companies are scheduled to start their operations in the middle of the next fiscal year. From southern Japan, one of the major food production bases in Japan, new production shipping will start by way of an environmentally friendly distribution system. This system will deliver more products to our customers.

SANKYOMEAT INC. would like to continue growing with an eye on the future of meat production by making the best use of the on-site power we have developed since the establishment of our company. Your further support in the future will be greatly appreciated.

Koga Mitsuru
President and CEO