Food Safety & Security Initiatives


Consumers’ interest in food safety has been increasing both domestically and internationally. Companies are required to positively work through environmental issues such as global warming. Under such circumstances, it has become vital to develop a system to manage food safety and quality as well as the environmental impact of our business activities. Our company has made proactive efforts in acquiring various international and domestic standards and certifications.

Based on the analysis and evaluation of food safety, quality, and environmental impact, we have established a consistent management system covering the stages ranging from production to processing and shipping. We are committed to continuously improving this system and thus being a company that can contribute to the dietary lifestyle of the 21st century.

Furthermore, a slaughter line was newly established in Ariake Pork Plant in April of 2019, and state-of-the-art equipment was introduced from the EU. This helped replace human labor with mechanization leading to better hygiene in the work environment.

Computer management of plant production lines

The system operates with automatic transferring equipment to ensure uniform quality control

Temperature management

A 24-hour monitoring system is applied to control the temperature of carcass and product refrigerators.

Removal of SRM (beef processing facility)

The spinal cord is completely removed.

Exclusive wastewater treatment

We pay great attention to the environment by treating wastewater at a special wastewater treatment facility exclusively used for cattle and pigs.

In 2005, the wastewater treatment facility for cattle and pigs were completely separated.

Improved quality control

Our professional staff conducts bacterial and microbiological examinations.
Process inspections of production lines are conducted.
Quality data are analyzed and evaluated.
Management of international standards including USHACCP and ISO are conducted.
We have acquired various international and domestic standards and certifications.